100 Years of Video Stories From Fans Throughtout The World…

Citroën is a popular brand, in the true sense of the word, and is proud of being so. Over the years, it has even become a cornerstone of popular culture, supporting families in their daily lives, even generating vocations… For its 100th anniversary, Citroën wanted to celebrate these stories and pay tribute to the Brand’s fans. These families have written their story, from one generation to the next, while driving, travelling, collecting or working in a Citroën. In their own way, they have also written Citroën’s story.

With its agency Traction (BETC Group), Citroën has brought together captivating stories from families around the world. Each family has its own story, its anecdotes, and its understanding of Citroën. Each one also possesses its values and its passions, showing Citroën’s history from different perspectives, but ultimately with the same feeling.

In the stories, we find family businesses, collectors, or simply dreamers. This world tour in 7 episodes paints a wider picture of Citroën’s impact on society, bringing its ‘Inspired by You’ signature to life.

Just as the stories are varied, so too are the video formats, with gifs, archive photos and film projections (animated photography).

Citroën Generations: take a look on the website of the Brand’s ‘Citroën Origins’ online museum, in the section devoted to the centenary: http://www.citroenorigins.co.uk/en/landing/citroen-generations


Their story Florent, the 49-year-old father, has been a Citroën fanatic since his youth. Today, it’s over to his two sons, Louis and Quentin, to share his passion and to renovate old models. Their new challenge: to transform a 1964 2CV to 4-wheel drive.

Why this family? A sentimental duo, a handy family and for young men of 18 and 23 years old, a surprising taste for mechanics.

The models that they own Méhari 4×4 (their father Florent’s first love), a Citroën Trèfle, an Ami 6, an Ami 8, a Dyane, a 2CV Raid Orange and several models being worked on.


Their story 90 years ago, the Fontaine family founded a carpentry business. When Denis took over the reins a few years ago, he had an idea: to renovate an old Type H to make it the symbol of his family brand. Denis is mad about Citroën and has put together an impressive collection: over 15 models in his garage, JUMPY for his work, BX 4TC and Visa 1000 track cars for racing with his daughter.

Why this family? Denis and his family really stand out. Generous, a little eccentic, this entrepreneur with a cheerful approach transports us to an unfamiliar Belgium, at the heart of his unfailing passion for the brand with the chevrons.

The models that they own Visa 1000 track cars, B2 Torpedo, C6 Torpedo family car, Traction 15 family car, 2CV, AZU, DS Hatchback, DS Cabriolet, SM Maserati, BX 4TC, GL Dual-rotor, 2 MEP X26 single-seater, HY van from 1962 and 2 JUMPY vans, Grand C4 Picasso and C5 Aircross SUV.


Their story In 1906, the great-grandfather of the family founds Almendras Hernandez with one ambition: to sell his sweets throughout the region. To achieve this, one solution: travelling by horseback. His son takes up the torch with the 2CV and his grandson after that, today in a JUMPY.

Why this family? Over a century of a family story, the pride of belonging to this entrepreneurial dynasty, the removal of boundaries thanks to the car. The family tells us about a Spain in between the town and the country, between tradition and modernity, in which Citroën writes the story.

The models that they own JUMPER in the colours of Almendras Hernandez, C4 Aircross, C3 but also photos and souvenirs of the family’s 2CVs and old Citroën vehicles.


Their story Franco Grosso opens his garage in 1975 in a small town in the North of Italy with a name which sets the tone: Assistenza 2CV. His daughter Elisa then takes over the garage.

Why this family? Likeable and completely mad about mechanics, Franco Grosso can speak endlessly about Citroën and more specifically about the ‘due cavale’ (2CV). A tinker, a handyman, the cheerful 65-year-old Italian may have tried to retire, but you can find him in his workshop every day.

The models that they own 2CVs galore, in particular in ‘the museum’ (which is what Franco calls his garage) – so many 2CVs (Primavera, Charleston, Azam, etc.), but also Méharis, Dyanes, and even a motorcycle made out of parts from 2CVs.


Their story Luka Stare boasts about being the 4th generation of 2CV owner in his family. Even if their taste for Citroën is not limited to this model, the Stares are all ardent fans of it. In the family, each one has their own!

Why this family? In Slovenia, a country where Citroëns have been produced for a long time, a family has become taken with a passion for the brand with the double chevrons. Its latest representative is Luka, a 28-year-old engineer with a large beard, a pronounced taste for rock and for beer, and a mad passion for Citroën.

The models that they own Luka, his brother and his father each have a 2CV as well as a C3, a C4 and a C5. With their uncles, aunts and cousins, in total there are 21 2CV models in the family!



Their story Between 1979 and 1984, Horoshi Komo is transferred to work in France. He discovers the language, the cuisine, and… Citroën. Since his return to Japan, he has combined tradition and an enduring passion for the brand. Today, old and recent models fill up his garage, and that of his son, who is continuing his taste for French cars.

Why this family? The Komo family brings the series to Asia. In the midst of a traditional Japan, the taste for Citroën seems unheard of. This rather serious character is faithful to what appeals to him in the Brand: a taste for technical prowess.

The models that they own SM, DS 21, C3, C4 Picasso.


Their story The grandfather bought the first Citroën dealership in 1919, the year that the Brand was created, which he then handed down to his son in the 60s, who himself handed it down to his own son (the key industry player, Gilles Dallois) in 1983. Today, the dealership is managed by the fourth generation. 100 years of a passion which is still running strong today!

Why this family? Love stories which have lasted through generations convey strong feelings, especially when it concerns a relationship of passion with work which has brought a lot of joy, direction and ambition to their family life.

The models that they own B14, C5HP, C3 Aircross, C5 Aircross SUV, SM and many others!

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