Lorenzo And Dovizioso, One On One…

  • Ducati Corse rider Jorge Lorenzo takes to the track to test drive the CUPRA e-Racer, the brand’s first electric racecar
  • Both team members later talked about how it felt at the wheel of this electric competition vehicle
  • The e-Racer’s acceleration and noise took the MotoGP rider by surprise

 It’s only been two months since Ducati Team riders and CUPRA ambassadors Jorge Lorenzo and Andrea Dovizioso drove the brand’s TCR for the first time. They’re seeing each other again today at the Castellolí track near the brand’s facilities in Martorell. Lorenzo steps out of the e-Racer after completing three full laps. Dovizioso is waiting for him so he can share his impressions at the wheel of the brand’s first ever electric touring racecar:

Dovizioso: How did you like the e-Racer?

Lorenzo: It’s a very unique car. For example, one thing that was surprising is that it has no rear-view mirrors. Instead, it’s equipped with cameras that relay the image from behind and at the sides to the interior of the vehicle.

Dovizioso: And what about handling? I remember that the CUPRA TCR was very agile, allowing us to push harder when taking curves. What’s it like to drive an electric racecar?

Lorenzo: The feeling is different than with the TCR. What surprised me the most was its acceleration – the e-Racer is a lot more powerful. I’ve never felt such power on a competition touring car. The noise it makes is also different – it reminds me of the buzzing of a mosquito.

Dovizioso: And did you find braking different than on a petrol car?

Lorenzo: The major difference is that you have to take the extra weight of the e-Racer into consideration. Otherwise, I remember that the TCR also responded very well when braking. They both give you a big sense of stability at the wheel. Do you think the future of motorcycle racing lies in electric engines?

Dovizioso: Yes, surely. I think the biggest challenge is trying to get the batteries to weigh less. Technology is making fast progress and I believe they’ll be lighter in a few years. How do you see it?

Lorenzo: Absolutely! I’m sure that electric competition will prevail in the future, but by then neither of us will be racing anymore; we’ll be watching it on TV.

Dovizioso: Well guess what? I’m not going to wait for that to happen – I’m going to drive the CUPRA e-Racer right now!

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