Digital Artist’s Surreal Twist On New Jaguar E-Pace Suv…


Inspired by the car’s playful character, digital artist Chris Labrooy puts the Jaguar E-PACE into a series of ‘warped reality’ pictures to celebrate its North American launch

Jaguar E-PACE stars in series of CGI pictures by digital artist Chris Labrooy

Animations inspired by fun and playful new compact SUV, nicknamed the ‘Jaguar Cub’

Series depicts the Jaguar E-PACE ‘playing’ in urban locations, including Detroit, USA, where the images were revealed today

Also released: animated design film showing hidden details and inspiration behind the Jaguar E-PACE, narrated by Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar

Jaguar’s new E-PACE performance SUV plays in the city in a series of ‘warped reality’ pictures by digital artist Chris Labrooy. The artwork celebrates the North American launch of Jaguar’s new compact performance SUV.

Inspired by the car’s playful character and its record-breaking barrel-roll reveal, Labrooy puts the E-PACE into a series of unlikely locations and scenarios. The ‘Transposition’ series of images revealed today features Detroit, famed for its automotive heritage and the location of the E-PACE’s US debut today.

The UK-based Labrooy worked with the Jaguar Design team, led by Design Director Ian Callum, to create a series of images showing the new vehicle in its natural habitat – with a twist.

This collaboration would only be possible working with a really future-thinking team. Once I had an understanding of what the Jaguar ‘Cub’ was all about, it helped guide my creativity – I could create scenarios that capture the fun, youthful sensibilities of the E-PACE.


During the development of the Jaguar E-PACE, Callum and his colleagues worked closely with the engineering team to give the car a character and a sense of fun.

The Transposition series is about reordering the material culture that surrounds us in new and unexpected ways. The E-PACE is juxtaposed with different objects and transposed into unforeseen scenarios where they wouldn’t normally belong. Robots appear on sidewalks and cars dance with glitter balls in surreal situations that exhibit the E-PACE sense of playfulness.

Jaguar has also released a short film describing some of the inspiration and detail behind the design of the new Jaguar E-PACE.

Narrated by Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design, it tells how the design team created the brand’s first compact performance SUV. Two of the key themes in developing their ideas were that the car has to have ‘character’ and a ‘sense of fun’. Ian explains how these were brought to life and inspired by Jaguar’s racing heritage.

Compact SUVs need to provide intelligent answers to the challenges of everyday life and I believe that Jaguar’s combination of design purity and functional integrity provides the perfect solution. This is a vehicle with unmistakable character – a Jaguar sports car designed for our daily lives in a package that is as rewarding as it is practical.



RACE CIRCUIT CHICANE – the distinctive shape of a chicane inspired elements of the interior and exterior – visible in the dashboard and light signature of the rear lamps
LEICA CAMERA – the tactile rotary dials found at the centre of the lower dashboard are inspired by the precise controls of a classic Leica camera lens
GESTALT THEORY – the theory that describes visual perception and how people organise visual elements into groups or unified wholes, even when they’re not. The front console mats and seat labels deliver on this promise, with a Jaguar print visible from c
WILDLIFE – the fun ‘Jaguar Cub’ graphic in the obscuration band of the windscreen and integrated into the puddle lamp projection have been incorporated solely to put a smile on customers’ faces

The E-PACE was revealed to the world at London’s ExCeL on Thursday 13 July. Jaguar leapt into GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS history with its new performance SUV for the furthest barrel roll in a production vehicle.

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