Koenigsegg at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show…

The Koenigsegg Regera on display is owned by Carage, a new Koenigsegg dealership in Switzerland that will celebrate its grand opening just after the Geneva Motor Show.

The Regera is finished in KNC – Koenigsegg Naked Carbon – the first car ever to feature this amazing exterior treatment. It looked like liquid metal under the show lights, as you can see in these images.


The Carage KNC Regera is trimmed in grey inside.


It is, by no means, a stretch to say that the launch of the new Koenigsegg Jesko was the most successful in the company’s storied history.

The car was met with universal acclaim among both customers and the motoring press. Sales are mounting and it will not be long before we can announce that all 125 cars are sold.

Yannik Sven Detmers says:
13 march 2019 

Thank you for putting on such a great show at Geneva this year. Coming all the way from Germany just to see the cars in person was absolutely worth it.
My expectations were completely surpassed when I got the chance to come on to the stand, see the Jesko up close and talk to some employees.
I really appreciate the kindness you guys showed to a young Koenigsegg enthusiast like me, although I was certainly not a potential costumer.
Some say don’t meet your heroes, but that clearly doesn’t apply for Koenigsegg!
Best regards from Germany

Yannik Sven Detmers