Citroen C3: 600,000 Sales in 30 Months…

Two and a half years after its launch, Citroën C3 has already accumulated 600,000 sales. A real success story, this 3rd generation of C3 has more than ever confirmed its status as the Brand’s best-seller. This performance has made Citroën C3 the 3rdbest-selling car in France and the 4th best-selling car in its category in Europe*!

Launched two and a half years ago, in November 2016, the 3rd generation of Citroën C3 has already accumulated 600,000 sales. With over 110,000 orders recorded since the start of the year, it is continuing its growth. The result: Citroën C3 has achieved the ranking of the 3rd best-selling car in France, for all segments combined, and also the 4th best-selling car in Europe in its category* (B hatchback segment).
The Brand’s best-seller, C3 has thereby been the main contributor to Citroën’s commercial offensive, with the Brand recording the strongest growth of the top 12 automotive brands in europe.
Citroën C3’s powers of seduction also come across in the rich sales mix, a symbol of an ‘impulse’ purchase:

40% of orders placed for the top-of-the-range version (level 3 ‘Shine’),

65% of sales made with bi-tone option,

55% of sales made with Airbump®,

25% of sales made with an optional colour interior.

*on the basis of registrations in Europe 30 countries / 1st quarter 2019