CUPRA shows a glimpse of its vision of the future…

CUPRA is meeting the demands of the future, linking high-performance with advanced powertrain technology and sophisticated, emotional design.

Bringing together the silhouette of a four-door crossover, with the presence of an SUV and the sleekness of a sports coupe, CUPRA unveils its vision of the future with an exclusive concept. It is the first road CUPRA to use a 100% electric powertrain and its proportions are accentuated and emboldened by its electric heart.

CUPRA shows a glimpse of its vision of the future with an exclusive all-electric concept-car

The vehicle’s exterior mixes uniqueness and sophistication, bringing athletic proportions and a new kind of energy to the segment. The front of the vehicle is a balance of the aesthetic and performance, each vent providing efficiency increases to allow the vehicle to drive further, and its electric personality emphasised by the illuminated CUPRA logo that sits low, providing a focal point for the eyes.

At the rear, with no need for exhausts, the diffuser provides functional aerodynamics, but also creates an emotional feeling of performance, heightened by the elegant, coast-to-coast rear light, that spans the width of the vehicle, and incorporates the CUPRA logo.

The CUPRA Concept will make its world debut at this year’s IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show.

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