Continental brings Tyre Safety Month to Life…

As proud TyreSafe supporters, Continental Tyres and Mercedes-Benz World are hosting free all-season tyre demonstrations during the October half term.

As Partner in Excellence at Mercedes Benz-World, Continental will once again highlight the importance of tyre safety as part of their commitment to Tyre Safety Month 2019.

Continental will provide the free driving experience in two cars to demonstrate the differences in braking distances when using all-season and summer tyres on a simulated wet track. During the October demonstrations, Mercedes-Benz professional drivers will be on hand to share practical advice on how to check tyres and basic maintenance.

Visitors will be able to take away supporting information to assist with their safety checks. Since the beginning of 2019 over 340 consumers have experienced first-hand demonstrations of the AllSeasonContact. As a result of the driving experiences, an average of 91% of participants would consider using all-season tyres.

As the seasons change, it is really important motorists are engaged in choosing the correct tyre fitment. During the warmer August and September months, summer tyres provide optimum performance, however as the weather cools down drivers should consider changing tyres. The All Season Contact tm , Continental’s first all-season tyre for Europe, is ideally suited to the UK’s milder winter climate. 

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