Hyundai supports fair play and the environment

Hyundai, Main Global Partner and Official Car Partner of AS Roma, has launched the #TifoPulito campaign to raise attention to fair play and respect for the environment.

The adjective “clean”, in fact, represents the exact meeting point between mobility and sport.

For this reason, during the Match Sponsor Day Roma-Milan, Hyundai has organized a special choreography in Tevere tribune inviting the fans to support their favorite team in a clean way: on the seats of the stands, the public has found yellow and red signs, made with recycled paper from regenerated forests and colored by an innovative ecological paint that helps to reduce smog. 

A few minutes before kick-off, while #TifoPulito banner was lifted towards the sky, the fans raised and displayed the signs together: with a small gesture, more than eleven thousand people have promoted “clean cheering” coloring the stands of yellow and red and giving their contribution to clean up the environment.

The fireproof signs – distributed on the stands – eliminate tiny pollution particles thanks to TitaC’s CleaR Photocatalytic treatment – certified by UNI 11484: 2013 standard – which transforms pollutants into salts (sodium and calcium nitrates) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Thanks to photocatalysis, it is possible to achieve an abatement rate of 86% of NO and 60% of NOx (considering a surface of 90 cm2, a temperature of 27.5° C and a humidity of 40%).

Given the pollution levels in many cities, the transition to alternative powertrains is already an irreversible process. Thanks to its wide and unique green range, celebrated with the #NextAwaits campaign, Hyundai has long started this change and already offers a unique range of hybrid, plug-in, electric and hydrogen cars, giving the possibility to drive models to zero or low emissions to respect the environment. The more people drive greens, the more it will be possible to make a difference. The same thing can happen with the fans in the stadiums. Even the cheer needs to be cleaner to promote a healthy and genuine culture of sportsmanship and to support the positive values that sport lights up.

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