Petlas Was On Top Of The Sand Dunes Of Tunisia…

Shukri Agouf, Libyan pilot supported by Petlas won the long anticipated desert race, Fenek Rally. The successful performance demonstrated by the experienced driver gained wide appreciation and praise from racing authorities.

The five-day-event that took place among the picturesque sand dunes of Tunisian deserts between 6th and 10th of October urged the pilots to pull-off their best performance with extreme weather and terrain conditions. Drivers from France, Italy, Spain, UAE, Tunisia and Libya had to employ a perfect combination of vehicle control, advanced driving techniques and orientation skills along with mental and physical endurance to be able to complete the race. Attracting professional and amateur racers in many different categories from motorcycles to cars, from buggies and quads to SUV’s and trucks, Fenek Rally has long been a true hub for racing enthusiasts.

At the end of this challenging race, 35 year old Libyan driver Shukri Agouf added another victory to the extensive number of international racing trophies in his collection. “Being supported by Petlas meant a lot to me” said Mr. Agouf in his victory speech, “and it’s great to have such companies that support drivers to pursue their dreams.” The Libyan pilot and his navigator Abdullah Gamoudi claimed in several interviews they delivered in national media that they were both pleased to be promoting the exceptional performance of Petlas tires and their durability that perfectly fits in the demanding weather and road conditions of Northern Africa.

Petlas Tires intends to keep supporting racing events and contributing to the success of young and eager pilots in order to improve its recognition among racing enthusiasts and to promote the spirit of adventure as well.

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