The setting: along the routes being travelled by a family…

Less than a month after its launch and with over 90,000 sales, Citroën C5 Aircross SUV is coming back to TV with the film ‘Citroën C5 Aircross SUV: disconnect in complete comfort’. The campaign was filmed in India: a land of great journeys with magnificent settings, an ideal destination to appreciate the comfort of the Brand’s flagship. There, we find a father who seems to be compulsively searching for a network to stay connected during his holidays on the other side of the world. An absurd search begins: the man goes from one hotel to the next, his arms in the air and his eyes fixated on his phone, packing his bags in a disheartened mood each time. Eventually, in the middle of the desert, when a look of intense relief comes across his face when he sees “No signal” displayed, we understand that in fact, the man was trying to completely disconnect…

In this way, looking at the outright rejection of an ever-faster pace of living, the film is an ode to disconnecting and letting go. A Brand which is Inspired by You, Citroën is hereby reaching out to those who do not want an SUV just for the image, but who need a real comfort bubble, in order to get away from it all, disconnect and forget the daily hustle and bustle.

This is exactly what Citroën C5 Aircross SUV offers, with its 20 safety and driving aid features, as well as its suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, its Advanced Comfort seats, its benchmark modularity and also its Best in Class boot, with up to 720 L.

In terms of music, Citroën is once again supporting French creativity by partnering with a well-known group: Outlines. Their track I Cannot think accompanies the film. Made up of 3 old friends, Outlines records tracks located on the boundary between pop culture and contemporary art. Their sounds have made them one of the pioneering groups in the European rock-soul scene.

The broadcasting of this international campaign will begin on 2 December in the Netherlands and will continue through the coming weeks and months in the countries of sale. Note that outside of Europe, this campaign will also mark the arrival of the Brand in India in 2020, with a specific version of the film for this country: the same scenario but “Inspired by India” casting, with the grandparents also going on the trip.

Rolled out in 20, 25 and 30-second versions, as well as in 10-second formats via 3 mini-films showcasing 3 of the vehicle’s driving aid technologies (reversing camera, grip control and Highway Driver Assist), this film will also be supported by a print campaign and a Social Media package.

CITROËN MANAGEMENT Arnaud Belloni, Bruno Gisquet, Sylvain Peraldi, Amélie de Chabannes

TRACTION MANAGEMENT Bertille Toledano, Hugues Reboul, Julien Grimaldi, Marina Kovalenko, Manon Mangaud
COPYWRITERS David Derouet, Adrian Skenderovic
CREATIVE TRAFFIC Nathalie Sanseigne
CREATIVE PRODUCER Caroline Petrucelli
STRATEGIC PLANNING Philippe Martin Davies



PRODUCER Bart Timmer

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