Ferrari Monza SP1 Co2 Emissions test results…

The Ferrari Monza SP1, together with the Monza SP2, are the forerunners in a new concept, known as ‘Icona’ (Icon), that taps into a leitmotif of the most evocative cars in the company’s history to create a new segment of special limited series cars for clients and collectors. The intention is to use a modern aesthetic to reinterpret a timeless style, with technologically advanced components and the highest performance possible through continuous innovation.

CO2 Emissions:

LOW: 578 G/KM

MID: 354 G/KM

HIGH: 313 G/KM


COMBINED: 366 G/KMFuel consumption:LOW: 25.5 L/100KMMID: 15.6 L/100KMHIGH: 13.8 L/100KMEXTRA HIGH: 15.0 L/100KMCOMBINED: 16.1 L/100KM


The development of the design of the interior focused specifically on the driver cockpit.

The instruments, instrument cluster and seat structure needed a functional rethink to meet the driver’s new requirements.
2,9 sec
0-100 KM/H
125 cv/l
810 cv

The engine in the Monza SP1 is derived directly from that of the 812 Superfast, with optimised fluid-dynamics in the intake ducts to deliver even higher performance.


The Virtual Wind Shield is essentially an aerodynamic passage underneath the driver’s side aero screen, where the upper part is shaped as an aerofoil. Part of the air flowing over the bonnet enters the air intake under the aero screen, where it is accelerated and deflected vertically ahead of the instrument panel. This generates what is known as a highly energised upwash that deflects the flow over the driver’s head creating a low-speed bubble around the cockpit.


The result is that the model is perfectly balanced with no roll whatsoever for almost unimaginably pure, uncompromising sports-car handling. Because there are no windscreen pillars, the driver’s view is completely unhindered and this enables them to attack corners with a freedom only experience with a Formula 1 car.

The driver can thus enjoy involving and rewarding sports car responses over twisty routes: the car is always gratifying but never difficult to control.

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