The Holographic Revolution…

Saab and Microsoft will be redefining how the world experiences training and education delivery through the creation of highly innovative applications for the Microsoft HoloLens platform.

Saab is pleased to have been selected by Microsoft to participate in the HoloLens Enterprise Acceleration Program, which is now enabling us to build a range of ground breaking training, education and other complex 3D Holographic applications. With the official launch of Microsoft HoloLens, Saab’s transformation of the training and education experience begins today.

Saab is constantly developing and supporting complex software systems to be able to offer modern solutions for todays and future needs. Microsoft provides the revolutionary Mixed Reality HoloLens platform to enable rich holographic content to be viewed in the physical world around you. The Saab training platform on Microsoft HoloLens creates a 3D holographic training environment that enables faster learning, better retention, and more detailed assessment that simply was not possible before now.


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