9th year special journal editor article

Writer | Özgür Sunay

9 Year “Grand Prix of Turkey 2020” special edition of our Hi, Formula1 13-14-15 November, after 9 years as a spectator again in Turkey. I hope you will have the opportunity to watch the race. We have prepared our 9th year special issue with many more pages for you.We present our “Automobile Magazine” magazine with English-Turkish content for the first time. Preparing such a publication as a team is primarily a source of pride for us as well as revealing our team spirit. Thank you to everyone who contributed more or less. I am sure we have published our issue, which we prepared specially for our 9th year, in a worthy way. We thank the companies, brands and agencies that do not leave us alone here, and support them with their news and advertisements. Another issue is that we are proud to be the only remaining print magazine of “Automobile Magazine” in the world. This is an honor for us. While preparing this magazine, I would like to thank the British press for the close friendliness and sharing of automotive brands. For all pilots participating in the Formula 1 race that will be held in our country, she wishes the race to be well and trouble free, I hope it will be a race with positive cooperation and results on behalf of our country. We want all guests and race fans to leave our country with satisfaction. It is exciting that Formula 1 is in our country in 9 years. The fact that the WRC (World Rally Championship) was held in Marmaris in our country this year is positive for the promotion of our country. In the middle of these two giant races, we were busy preparing our broadcast for you. As someone who has designed many magazines until this time, I wanted to prepare this magazine by liking and digesting it. I am sure that one day I will achieve that amazing result I wanted. This result can only happen with many pages with good content and design…. I am the child of a poor, laboring, self-employed father and family who are not considered middle class and I am not afraid to say this. We can’t be middle class because what I understand from the middle class is to have a decent car. Our family has never had a decent car. Many years ago, we had Tofaş Şahin, Serçe and 2003-2004 Dacia models purchased with a maturity of 48 months. Later it was also sold. My father, my family never had a car again. Now when I look around, there are people selling and selling one or two second-hand vehicles they already own, including those who borrowed from the bank to buy flats. Turkey currently 0 km and 2nd hand vehicles are quite expensive. For example, I only had one car in my life.. 1990 Model BMW 3.16i was a nice vehicle, but unfortunately I had to sell it 2 years ago. (To cover the loan debt to the bank) The vehicle I am selling is currently being sold between 35,000 TL and 40,000 TL, more than double the price. I can guess some things. Coming from a poor family does not prevent this. In this sense, I tried to train myself enough in life. One of my guesses on this; Right now, very recently, people trying to buy an apartment by selling their cars in a few months >>

They will also provide a strange increase in flat prices. Then there will be those who sell their cars and buy those flats with bank credit. Can people who buy an apartment without a car face exorbitant prices when they want to buy a car again? TWill they try to buy a vehicle by taking a loan from the bank again? This is unknown … But another prediction of mine is that; Used car prices will likely be lower in the near future, contrary to what was thought in 2021. In other words, I believe that the prices of second-hand cars will drop more than before. (This is just my interpretation and the guessing feeling) So in such a situation, will those who currently own a high-priced second-hand car do the damage they will regret in the future? We will learn this by seeing it through experience. I think there should be a solution to this problem of bringing vehicles from abroad. Solutions with certain restrictions can be produced with lower and lower taxes. It must be produced ..Because we deserve …the production of small class in Turkey, 2020 0 km campaigns are models of the brands have price starting from TL 130,000. THaving this car has small class production in Turkey, unfortunately, we are forced to pay the price. This is sad … TIf Turkey had done what the cost would be up to its own domestic car? Will we have our domestic and national vehicle by paying the same fee? Is it less? Is it more? I wondered about it …How much do we pay when we manage to produce our domestic vehicle with a normal gasoline engine? I think that should be the question. Using a common platform with gasoline and LPG, a domestic motor vehicle should be produced as soon as possible. At least we will have a normal motorized public vehicle other than “TOGG” brand electric vehicle. (Russia Lada, Spain Seat, Czech Skoda.) My thinking has always been in this direction. I believe we need more of a domestic car that burns less gasoline and LPG. For example, I am 43 years old and I still do not own a car. I may be doing this job, it does not mean that I earn a lot of money and I have enough money to buy a car. For this reason, I am someone who likes to do my job and I am proud of the brand I represent. Because we do well. I love doing the best of something.Or I also like to work hard and spend time to be the best. This has always been the case for me. Of course, I will not tell you how many hours I work a day here. This would be very annoying. Sometimes it can be just as annoying as using a Lotus:) i think… Lotus Exige Is? Yes, she is the one standing in the back photo. Brother, will this print 150km? (Sometimes when little children see it like that, they ask.) Yes, of course, it prints for 150 km, and it can be easily reached up to 250 km. Lotus Exige 350 Sport of course what are you waiting for, 0-100km acceleration in just 3.8 seconds…I think you will already read this in my test article inside. Stay Brave and Healthy …

Love and Respect,

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