AC Cars announces David Conza as new CEO and investor in Acedes Holdings, LLC

AC Cars, Britain’s oldest car manufacturer, is delighted to announce Swiss entrepreneur David Conza as its new Chief Executive Officer, and his investment in AC’s parent company Acedes Holdings, LLC. Alan Lubinsky, who has led the sports car company for the last 26 years, remains Chairman as the legendary marque develops its next generation of sports cars.

With an established track record as a successful entrepreneur and investor in different international venture companies, David will guide AC Cars at an important juncture in its journey. His appointment as CEO marks the start of a period of sustained development for the brand. Together with Chairman Alan Lubinsky, David and his incoming management team will prepare the marque’s new state-of-the-art petrol-powered models and continue to develop its first electric vehicles.

David Conza, Chief Executive Officer of AC Cars said: “I’m proud to be able to lead such a famous company and continue a legacy that stretches back 121 years. This is an inherently British brand, and we will honor that by building highly advanced cars worthy of wearing the AC badge.”

Alan Lubinsky, Chairman of AC Cars said: “As a car enthusiast and successful entrepreneur, David has a fantastic insight into the market and what clients really look for when buying luxury sport cars. His passion and determination will propel the company forward, providing the impetus and investment needed to produce the next generation of cars. I’m excited to be working with him as we carry the spirit of AC Cars into the future.”

About AC Cars
The Weller Brothers established what is now Britain’s oldest vehicle manufacturer in 1901, producing cars and motorbikes from their workshop in West Norwood, London. The nascent company produced its first vehicle in 1903, but the Autocarrier was introduced a year later (from which the name AC was later derived). The first three-wheel commercial delivery vehicle, it proved an instant success.

However, it was the AC Ace which cemented the company’s status following its launch in 1953. With an aluminium body designed and built by Eric George Gray, it gained the respect of racing enthusiasts for its everyday practicality and racing pace. This was the car which would evolve to incorporate the Ford V8 and become the AC Cobra of legend.

Over the years, the AC Cobra has endured, with its unmistakable shape and unique design. With production limited and every car hand built, it remains reserved for an exclusive clientele.

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