The next race of the 2021 calendar in the Speedway Grand Prix, the 11-foot dirt race series of the International Motorcycle Federation FIM, which is watched with interest all over the world, was held on Saturday, August 14 at the Skrotfrag Arena in Sweden.

The efforts of the engineers of Turkish tire manufacturer Anlas for the last three years in the Speedway championship, which is known as the crazy struggle of motorcycles without brakes on the dirt ground, bears fruit in the 2021 season. Bartosz Zmarzlik won the Swedish Grand Prix held in Mallila, Sweden at the Speedway Grand Prix, while Anlas athlete Artem Laguta continued his pursuit in the championship where 500cc, methanol using bikes running without any electronic aids.

As the heavy rain did not reduce the effect of the race until the start time, the race started was delayed and the track ground became heavy, and the motorcycle settings made during the training sessions were no longer valid. The pilots, who made a change of setting with quick decisions, tried to keep up with the new conditions of the Skrotfrag Arena. While the championship leader Zmarzlik could not perform well in the qualifying races, he managed to place himself in the top eight with his first place in the last qualifying race and took a very important step towards maintaining the championship leadership.

At the end of the seven races, Bartosz Zmarzlik is the leader with 121 points, while Anlas athlete Artem Laguta is in the second place with a difference of 3 points. Despite the possibility of using different brands of tires, almost all athletes prefer Anlas in the championship, followed by Fredrik Lindgren with 96 points, Emil Sayfutdinov with 91 points and Maciej Janowski with 83 points.

Next race and the eight leg of the championship will be held at Tolyatti city in Russia at 28th August. All 16 pilots competing in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix, which will end with the double race on October 1–2, preferred Anlas tires, demonstrating their confidence in the brand.

The short story of Anlas Speedway tires which made a revolution in the championship engineerd by Turkish engineers;

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