Elon Musk Promises to Protect His Teslas With Top-Notch ‘Sentry Mode’

The “sentry mode” will stand guard by either keeping the dash cam on while a car is parked, or by rotating automatically if the car is hit on the road.

One frustrated Twitter user and Tesla owner, who suffered a dent within the range of the car’s rear-facing camera, appealed directly to Elon Musk on Twitter, saying that there should by all means be a special feature on the dashboard that utilises the car’s variety of sensors for 360° surveillance.

Musk responded saying that the “Tesla Sentry Mode” is coming soon — which is precisely the feature the user made an enquiry about. The tweet suggests that the new feature will be soon found in all cars with the so-called Enhanced Autopilot and is expected to be available for an additional fee; however, Musk shortly after clarified the issue, saying that all cars with the most recent “AP2+” hardware would be equipped with the feature, specifically, ones that rolled off the assembly lines in 2016 and later.

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