As soon as we discover Tanja Stadnic as a magazine in the Netherlands, General Publication Our director, Umut Özgür Sunay, contacted her directly and He conveyed to Tanja that he wanted to do a private interview. We Wonder About Tanja and We Asked her The Questions.

Who is Tanja Stadnic? Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I was born in the Moldovan city of Beltsy. I was never happier than when drawing, even from an extremely tender age. So much so, even, that my parents permitted me to attend an art school for young children. Gradually my love of drawing blossomed into a profound passion for art in general. A passion that led to a course at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, where I discovered the irrefutable painter within.

How exactly are you interested in this business? How much time do you spend? Tanja: During one of my visits to Art Galleries, I stumbled across a painting of a 911 and was instantly dazzled by the beauty of it. The funny thing was, by that time we owned a 911 ourselves, but I never made the connection between my Artwork and the Porsche. From that moment everything changed. Porsche Acrylic Art was born. My business is now a full time business and I spend at least 8 hours a day on it. However it’s a passionate job, so it does not really feel like working. It’s a great joy to paint!

How do you drive well with vehicles? Have you received any training
on this subject before? Tanja: I think I am a pretty good driver! I drive Porsche myself and it’s fun to drive. Lots of power and great handling. I did some driving courses some years ago which were fun to do!

Can you tell us a little bit about your photo painting technique of this
tool? How do you do this? Tanja: After I received the clients briefing, I ask for many photo’s and begins sketching the contours of the vehicle on canvas. The composition is already created with the right balance of beauty and exciting contrasts. After I am satisfied with the sketch result, the creative process begins with the many acrylic art techniques using brushes and spatulas.

So, is Porsche a passion? Tanja: Most people are attracted by shapes and I believe this is the starting point. Attraction is very subjective. Others like curvy shapes, others  prefer a more square-shaped model. This is also true for cars. However, a unique design, like the silhouette of the 911, which has been the focus of my work, can sometimes elevate our sensory feedback to a whole new level. That’s when the visual attraction becomes a passion.

Which Porsche vehicles did you paint? Who do the models and vehicles belong to? How do you decide ? Tanja: I painted so many Porsche models, it’s hard to mention them all. The majority are all sorts of 911 models. All cars belong to my individual clients, so I personally never decide which car to paint, unless I paint some for my private collection.

So which one did you pick the most? How many jobs have you had
so far? Tanja: As mentioned in my previous answer. I don’t decide which car to
paint. My client gives me the assignment. I cannot give you an exact number.
But if you check my website and see my gallery, you can have a pretty good
idea it are a lot of paintings!

How long do you plan to do this job? Tanja: Porsche Acrylic Art is a full time business, but next to painting I also host international events. I call them fine cars, fine art fine food. I organise art clinics in showrooms of Porsche Centers all over the world. The place to be for owners of a Porsche whether or not accompanied by a partner. A maximum 10 couples can, with the assistance of me, create a unique acrylic artwork of their own Porsche.

How long do you plan to do this job? Can we learn your earnings from
this job? Tanja: It’s a great joy what I am doing and as mentioned before a passion, a life style. So I intend to do this as long as it brings me joy for many years to come! Passion comes first, commercial benefits come along. Without talking numbers, I built a good sustainable business for myself.

How is your family life going? Which countries did you go? What did
you do with this job? Tanja: Family is very important for me. I share my passion with my husband who also is a great Porsche fan. I travelled all around the world for my job, but also for pleasure!

Does Tanja Stadnic like to play sports? What are their hobbies? Tanja: 
Of course! I love swimming and fitness! My hobbies are mostly traveling, enjoying
different food styles and learn about other cultures.

What country would you be in and what would you like to do if you
were born again? Tanja: That’s a difficult question. I like so many countries as each country I visited has a different life style, habits and culture. It’s hard to pick one. But I believe I am still happy with where I live and that would be The Netherlands. A good second place would be Swiss.

How old are you? What’s the most attractive horror crazy vehicle you’ve
ever driven? Have you ever done Off-Road? Tanja: I just turned 37 today! Well I did not really have a real horror trip in a vehicle. But the most crazy drive I did was with Dr. Brandenburg Driving his offroad 911!

Do you know Turkey and Istanbul? Have you ever heard? Tanja:
Of course ! I love it! I was there 2 times on holidays! Very friendly people and I love the food! Especially Mercimek kofte 🙂

Turkey will recognize you and will love you in this interview. Does that make you happy? One day you want to come to Turkey? Tanja: I am very happy to hear that and also homered of having this interview with your magazine! When covid19 is over I definitely will revisit Turkey again!!

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