Low Entry buses for scheduled service fleets from Alsace to Lower Saxony


62 Setra Low Entry buses for scheduled service fleets from Alsace to Lower Saxony


  • 17 new S 415 LE business for LK Kunegel in Colmar
  • 22 Low Entry vehicles for Ahrtal-Verkehrs-Betrieb GmbH
  • 23 LE business for Lower Saxony’s public transport service

Stuttgart / Colmar. Powerful Setra MultiClass fleets from Alsace to Lower Saxony. LK Kunegel bus corporation from Alsace, Ahrtal-Verkehrs-Betrieb GmbH from Sinzig in Rhineland-Palatinate, and the Gebken & Gerdes and Hutfilters Reisedienst bus companies from Lower Saxony: they have all chosen efficiency and plannable operating costs with a total of 62 new Setra LE business. The bus company from Colmar in the Haut-Rhin department is the proud owner of 17 new Setra Low Entry vehicles.

The S 415 LE business will be going into operation as part of a contract with Strasbourg’s public transport company CTS (“Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois”) and will operate in and around the capital of Alsace. “The Setra intercity buses are perfectly geared for operation in urban and extra-urban areas.

Their low entry floor provides ideal comfort for passengers. They were configured in accordance with CTS requirements and each one has two spaces for pushchairs or wheelchairs,” said Daniel Kunegel, Managing Director of the bus company. With more than 400 Mercedes-Benz and Setra brand buses, LK Kunegel operate about thirty scheduled service routes and provide transport for school students and company staff, as well as tourist outings.


On the road for DB Regiobus in the Ahrweiler district

Stuttgart / Sinzig. Ahrtal-Verkehrs-Betrieb GmbH have added 22 Setra Low Entry buses to their fleet. The company from Sinzig in the central Rhineland is putting the S 415 LE business on the road, commissioned by DB Regiobus, to cover routes in the entire rural district of Ahrweiler.

When he placed the large order, company owner Frank Bodtenberg, who has been driving for 20 years and is the third generation in this family business from the Rhineland-Palatinate region, said his focus was on the quality of the dual-axle buses and their high resale value, not to mention plannable maintenance costs. That’s why the bus operator also signed appropriate Omniplus service contracts.

The BasicPlus service contract covers all the required maintenance tasks specified by the manufacturer. For wear-and-tear components, only genuine replacement parts are used, guaranteeing maximum availability and long-term reliability.

Winning the contract from Bremen/Lower Saxony’s public transport authority with the Setra

Stuttgart / Bremen. Gebken & Gerdes Verkehrs- und Reiseunternehmen GmbH and Hutfilters Reisedienst GmbH & Co., two bus companies from Lower Saxony, took possession of 23 Setra Low Entry buses at the manufacturer’s Neu-Ulm Customer Center. The six S 415 LE business, fifteen S 416 LE business and two S 418 LE business models, which are equipped with wooden-look flooring, are used on bus routes in greater Bremen and Oldenburg.

The bus operators from Elsfleth and Delmenhorst had each submitted an application to tender for Bremen/Lower Saxony’s public transport corporation (VBN) and both were subsequently commissioned with the task. Only Setra brand vehicles will be used for the contract.