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The platform Malias, which provides services to those who do not have time to take care of their cars and who need support while doing their car related work, through its website and mobile application, offers the confidence sought for used vehicle transactions. Options such as second-hand vehicle sales and free advertisements make life easier for vehicle owners. Many different solutions are needed to make things easier in the constant flow of life. Malias, the mobile assistant for those who do not have time to take care of their cars, offers different options for second-hand vehicle owners as well as the solutions it produces. With second-hand vehicle sales and free advertisement alternatives, Malias both provides confidence and prevents loss of time. No more wasting time in sales!
Sales support services, one of the most popular services of Malias, provide users with convenience and economic solutions. There are currently three ways that those who want to sell their used vehicle can follow. Instant purchase platforms, galleries and ad portals… The first option is an easy solution in terms of time, but minimum 10% of the vehicle value should be given up. Considering the current state of the used vehicle market, we can say that this is a significant amount. It is possible to evaluate galleries in the same category with platforms that make instant purchases. Here the loss is just a little more. In the case of placing the vehicle on the advertisement portals, all the work that needs to be done is perfomed by the vehicle owner, and this is a very demanding job, especially when it comes to communicating with potential buyers. Malias closes the gaps of existing platforms with its exclusive sales services. Like instant-buy platforms, it prevents the vehicle from being sold below its value and prevents the loss of both time and effort. Confidence in the sales market with free ad It is a fact that there is a lot of information pollution and misdirection in vehicle ad portals. For expressions such as “ It is Booked for Mr. Serdar From Bursa “, we can say cliché sentences that have entered our lives now. With such misleading methods, the market value of the vehicles is “inflated”, so to speak. Thus, the confidence in the market decreases. Malias’ advertisement portal aims to create a clean market. To serve this purpose, advertisements can be posted completely free of charge, institutionally and individually. Throughout Malias’ life cycle, this service will always be free. The only thing to do here is to download Android and iOS applications and advertise in accordance with the rules.

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