New Opel Infotainment Systems: Flagship Connectivity for Insignia

  • State-of-the-art: Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro systems
  • Modern Opel infotainment: On-board navigation with connected services
  • Large colour touchscreen: Up to eight inches in size
  • Always up to date: Live Traffic, real-time fuel prices, map updates and more

Rüsselsheim.  Opel has taken the next step of its rollout of state-of-the-art, infotainment systems by launching the Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro units in its flagship, the Opel Insignia. No matter whether customers choose an Insignia Grand Sport, Sports Tourer, Country Tourer or sporty GSi variant – they can always rely on the latest in connectivity and in-car entertainment with the new generation of infotainment systems. Insignia drivers are always up to date thanks to real-time information on traffic, petrol stations and prices as well as parking spaces and tolls.

The new Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment systems of the Insignia are not only state-of-the-art in terms of functionality, they are also more intuitive to use.

Customers enjoy a large colour touchscreen, up to eight inches in size. Additionally, drivers benefit from a high-resolution, clearly arranged Driver Information Cluster. A head-up display is optionally available.


The top-level Multimedia Navi Pro represents a new generation of Opel on-board navigation systems. Features include connected navigation services for optimum points of interest and destination searches, as well as Live Traffic, real-time fuel prices, parking information according to the destination and online map updates.

The additional comfort offered by 3D-map navigation, continuous zoom and smooth scrolling make each journey relaxing and enjoyable.

In the connected state (which requires a tethered smartphone), Live Traffic delivers traffic information in real time. If not connected, the system can access information carried by TPEG protocols via DAB/DAB+. If there is no digital signal, the system continues to receive TMC transmissions (Traffic Message Channel). Flow and conditions are updated and integrated into routing.

This provides faster, more accurate and timely alerts as well as improved navigation routing. Additionally, Live Traffic shows which parts of the route are affected by delays and what kind of incident may be the cause. The navigation system refers to information from previous journeys, in order to calculate arrival times more precisely. Four map updates per year – transmitted “over-the-air” – are included.

Whether connecting by conventional technology such as Bluetooth or USB, or by state-of-the-art phone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto the Insignia’s new infotainment systems extend Opel’s offer in in-car entertainment and connectivity. In addition to AM/FM radio as standard, the top sound quality of DAB+, which also boasts an additional selection of receivable radio stations, is available as an option. Up to two smartphones can be paired simultaneously.

Suitable smartphones can be charged wirelessly in the centre console and a Bose sound-system with eight loudspeakers and a digital sound processor is optionally available.

For ease of use, the newly designed Human Machine Interface of Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro features an intuitive layout with direct access to main domains (e.g. audio, phone, navigation) via the home screen.

The tablet-like controls and swipe-gestures are ergonomic and simple to use. The driver can also operate the infotainment system via controls on the steering wheel. The Multimedia Navi Pro system can be additionally operated by embedded voice control.

To enable the driver to fully harmonise with the Insignia, the next-generation Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment system offers personalisation through user profiles. Up to five drivers can define their own profiles, allowing them to save numerous adjustments from climate-control settings to their preferred equalisation for the speaker system.

Favourite destinations, radio stations and points of interests are all stored according to the personalised profile, enabling the driver to concentrate on their journey.

Future evolutions of the personalisation feature will include personalised search and routing, based on individual driving patterns.

The Insignia model range is the first to feature Opel’s next generation of infotainment systems. With their stylish design and state-of-the-art functionality, as well as their intuitive operation, Multimedia and Multimedia Navi Pro offer high customer appeal. The offer of state-of-the-art systems will increase progressively.