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New research from Hyundai reveals there are a staggering 36,750 different…


Dec 4, 2019

Hyundai today releases new research that shows there are 36,750 different ways to drive, with even the type of car you drive affecting your driving style.

The figure has been reached by identifying the six most important factors that impact driving style and developing a real life measurement for each.  

The motoring manufacturer also commissioned a survey of 2,000 UK motorists to explore attitudes toward driving styles, alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), and common misconceptions about electric cars as society transitions to a zero emission motoring future.

The research revealed how British drivers currently identify their own driving style, with the top five overall being:

1. Confident – 28%
2. Fair and measured – 24%
3. Calm – 19%
4. Nervous – 7%
5. Aggressive – 7%

Men were more likely to label themselves as confident drivers (31%) than women (25%), while women were more likely to describe themselves as ‘nervous’ behind the wheel.