Parking on rented driveways to ease holidaymakers’ travel woes

As thousands of holidaymakers face the prospect of flight delays and cancellations, savvy sunseekers can avoid further holiday misery by shunning traditional parking options in favour of pre-booked rented driveways close to airports across the UK, claims the online parking portal,

Recent widespread travel disruptions come in the wake of airline bosses slashing approximately 30,000 jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, having employed 74,000 people in 2019.* The cuts have wreacked havoc on many holidaymakers’ plans, with thousands of flights delayed or even cancelled at late notice because airlines do not have enough staff to operate as normal.

This, warns, could cause chaos at official airport car parks, as many vehicles will be left unattended for longer than expected, leading to a shortage of spaces, as well as motorists returning to the UK only to be met with a hefty additional parking charge.

Harrison Woods, CEO at YourParkingSpace, commented: “The disappointment of a delayed or cancelled flight can often be enough to ruin a holiday, and to be met with a hefty parking charge on return to the UK will be yet another bitter pill to swallow for beleaguered holidaymakers.”

However, is expecting many Brits to anticipate such challenges by parking on pre-booked rented driveways, with stays easily extended via its mobile phone app.

Harrison added: “The risk of not being able to find a space or being left with a hole in your pocket is one most motorists will quite rightly not want to take, with parking on rented driveways a resourceful way to sidestep the potential car park chaos this summer.”

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