Marmara, Turkey: – The challenges of 2020 have higighlighted on the importance of supply chains and rail transport connecting to international ports proved crucial for the automotive industry in Turkey, according to one of the largest container terminals in the country.

DP World Yarımca, which invested in a rail link to its port two years ago, has demonstrated that investments pay divideneds, with the amount of cargo being transported by rail in and out of the port increasing significantly during 2020, as the company’s expertise in handling automotive logistics is aligned with the strategic focus on this sector. Automotive and related logistics businesses are a key part of the company’s operations, being the provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics.

DP World Yarımca, which increased the use of the railway line in container transport by more than 10 percent, surpassing the organic growth on the basis of TEU compared to last year, is certain that this figure will increase even more with the increase in the importance of the railway in global transport and the development of the network between Eastern Europe and China every day.

One of the main industries benefitting from DP World Yarımca’s rail connection last year was the automotive industry, which made up 14 percent of all transportation.

Toyota was a heavyweight user of the service due to the location of its Sakarya production facilitity, based 60km down the rail track from the port. The auto giant counted for over 12 percent of the automotive use on the rail line as it shipped fully and partially complete vehicles along with parts and accessories.

DP World Yarımca CEO, Kris Adams, believes customers like Toyota will continue to increase their use of rail and sea as it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly transport solution available, thereby making it the most financially and ethically sustainable solution.

He said: “We created a railway connection in our port two years ago. Bringing rail and sea together has critical importance for all companies engaged in production in Anatolia.

“Thanks to the steps taken by private and public sector organizations like us in Turkey, we can provide advantages in terms of speed and cost for both exports and imports. In addition, we can take cargo to the desired points in a more environmentally friendly way.

“The use of rail and sea is going to become more commonplace in the global transportation industry in the years ahead and we would like to thank the Automotive industry in Turkey for their visionary and environmental perspective