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REVEALED: The Most & Least Attractive Cars to Feature on Your Tinder Profile!


Sep 15, 2020
  • Toyota Yaris trails in last as the least attractive, receiving 3% less matches than the top-ranking car
  • The most attractive car to Tinder users is the Mercedes-Benz-C-Class, receiving a whopping 218 matches out of 300 (72.6%)
  • 45% of daters would be turned off by a Tinder profile that shows off an old/outdated car
  • 1 in 4 admit to considering renting a car to impress potential dates on TinderGreat conversation, good looks and humour are just a few of the traits that can help you score a date.But there seems to be other unconventional factors that can increase your chances of standing outamong singletons.

    Click4Regwonderedif certain featuresof a Tinder profile canaffect the interest you receive. As a result, they created two Tinder accounts (one male and one female), changing the main profile photo after every 300 swipe rights. In each new main profile photo, the Tinderuserposed beside one of 15 popular cars which was then used then to determine which cars increase and decrease your chance of receiving a match.

    Which Cars Turn Your Date on?

    According to Tinder users, the Mercedes-Benz-C-Class is the most attractive car! With a success rate of 72.6%, this profile received a huge 218 matches out of 300. Selling from £29,370, owners of this Mercedes are in for a treat and can use their car to get ahead of the competition.

    The popularbut pricey Land Rover Range Rover Sport (£72,985) ranks as the second most attractive car among dating app users. The most expensive profile on the list was of interest to 213 Tinder users, with a success rate of 71%.

    In third place is the Volkswagen Polo (£15,068), showing that even with a common car you can still bag a date. The profile received 210 out of 300 matches (70%).

    Other cars that proved popular includeBMW 3 Series (204/300), Volkswagen Golf (200/300), MINI Cooper (198/200) and Audi A3 (196/200).

    Which Cars Turn Your Date Off?

    The most unattractive car to daters is the Toyota Yaris, receiving just 151 out of 300 potential matches.This profile holds the lowest success rate of 50.3% – 22.3% less than the Mercedes-Benz-C-Class. The retail price for this car is £24,005, proving that expensive cars aren’t always the key to success.

    The second most unpopular car is the Hyundai i10. As the second cheapest car on the list, it was only successful with 52.3% of users – totalling 157 out of 300 potential matches.

    Nissan Micra places as the third least attractive car, having only received 166 out of 300 matches. Although this car will set you back £14,500, it only provides a54% chanceof right swipes.

    After analysing the results, Click4Reg found that the most attractive cars to females are as follows:

    1. Mercedes-Benz-C-Class
    2. Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    3. BMW 3 Series
    4. Audi A3
    5. Volkswagen Polo
    Overall Results Car RRP  Number of matches Success rate
    1 Mercedes-Benz-C-Class £29.370 218 72,6%
    2 Land Rover Range Rover Sport £72.985 213 71%
    3 Volkswagen Polo £15.068 210 70,00%
    4 BMW 3 Series £31.110 204 68%
    5 Volkswagen Golf £20.879 200 67%
    6 MINI Cooper £24.600 198 66%
    7 Audi A3 £23.875 196 65,3%
    8 Vauxhall Corsa £16.415 194 64,6%
    9 Ford Fiesta £16.385 189 63%
    10 Seat Ibiza £16.445 184 61,00%
    11 Fiat 500 £10.530 172 57,30%
    12 Renault Clio £15.295 166 55,30%
    13 Nissan Micra £14.500 162 54,00%
    14 Hyundai i10 £12.820 157 52,3%
    15 Toyota Yaris £24.005 151 50,30%

    They also discovered that the most attractive cars to males are:

    1. Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    2. Audi A3
    3. Volkswagen Polo
    4. Mercedes-Benz-C-Class
    5. Fiat 500


     Click4Reg also surveyed 4,375 people and found that 11% would definitely be more likely to swipe right if someone had a nice car in their profile, with 24% admitting that they probably would do so.

    Interestingly, 12% would definitelybe turned off by a Tinder profile showing off an old/outdated car and a huge 33% admit that they probably would be.

    After asking whether people would take a Tinder photo with someone else’s car in attempts to receive more matches, 22% definitely would and a further 47% probably would! Following this, 1 in 4 would consider renting a car to do so.

    Please see this Dropbox link for Shutterstock images of the most and least attractive cars!


    Click4Reg.co.uk created one female and one male Tinder account, changing the main profile photo after every 150 swipes each. The profile photos were taken with the same female or male posing in front of each different car. The cars used were Mercedes-Benz-C-Class, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Volkswagen Polo, BMW 3 Series,Volkswagen Golf, MINI Cooper, Audi A3, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza, Fiat 500, Renault Clio, Nissan Micra, Hyundai i10 and Toyota Yaris.

    Click4Reg also surveyed 4,375 people across a range of cities to determine how they feel and asked ‘Would you be turned off by a Tinder profile showing an old car’, ‘Would you take a Tinder photo with someone else’s nice car to get more matches?’, ‘Would you rent a car to take pictures for you Tinder profile?’and‘Are you more likely to swipe right if someone has a nice car in their profile?’. The respondents could respond with ‘Definitely would’, ‘probably would’, ‘probably would not’ and ‘definitely would not’.