Question – Telli Group is at the forefront of your brands for the automotive industry. First, could you give us brief information about AUTOGONG?
Answer – Autogong, established in 2013 with 31 years of experience, is Online Automotive Tender Portal and structured in Istanbul Maslak Headquarters; It is an online bidding platform that provides the strongest performance for second-hand vehicles to insurance companies, fleet owner companies, leasing companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, member galleries, authorized dealers and consumers for damaged, scrapped and stolen vehicles. In 2013, Autogong supported insurance companies, fleet leasing companies, end consumers, services, automotive dealers and experts, and brokered the annual sale of 72,000 vehicles on the online bidding portal. In 2021, this number is expected to be 100,000 per year. Used, damaged, stolen vehicles sold by Autogong, Insurance and fleet leasing companies Turkey has established a central parking location to end the housing problem posed in the parking lot. Our customers prevent dissatisfaction by notifying them when necessary and pulling these vehicles to the parks with Autogong. Autogong operation structuring has been planned with 100% customer satisfaction in mind. Autogong handles all document completion and sales processes itself to ensure smooth transfer. When necessary, the withdrawal of the vehicles and other official forms are completed by us. In a nutshell, Autogong offers payment and transfer services to ensure smooth transactions between buyers and sellers.

Question – Well, can we get information about the creation and opening of your AKSAM brand and site, and your Aksam works?
Answer – Aksam Automotive Inc. was established in 2001 with its knowledge and experience based on 31 years of commercial history. “Determines sector dynamics and turns them into permanent solutions.” We operate in the field of evaluation of damaged vehicles belonging to Insurance Companies with the slogan. With the business model we have developed as a part of it, we realize the operational and bureaucratic workloads with the desired performance and efficiency by ensuring optimum efficiency in compensation payments of insurance companies arising from damages in motor own damage and traffic branches. As of 2020, we manage the bulk purchase model and file processes of vehicles subject to curtain in a total of 8 Insurance Companies. Our aim in this direction; to create service quality and satisfaction. We have always shared the pain of the insured, as Aksam Auto family, we aim to solve not only business but also difficult times quickly. Aksam takes over the transfer of the insured by issuing the relevant registration certificate (towing / scrap certificate) in the vehicles of the insured and conducts 100% satisfaction-oriented processes as soon as possible. We bring some of the vehicles we take over to our Maslak and Samandıra Branches in Istanbul, and some of them are sold in closed / open auctions through the Autogong Auction System via retail hot sale method.

Question – As Telli Group, what kind of services and after-service processes do you provide for your Birikim Evim brand, especially for those who are considering
purchasing a vehicle?
Answer – With our Birikimevim brand, we enable our customers to reach their dream car, regardless of brand or model, with little savings and without paying interest. We provide financing support by determining the installment amounts according to the payment ability of our customers. The basic fact of interest-free financing systems in our country is undoubtedly accumulation. On this road we set out for your happiness, our biggest goal is to shed light on our future by saying “We Gather Our Future Together”.
All our customers over the age of 20 can purchase vehicles up to 200,000 km in small installments; They can be purchased as new, second-hand and heavily damaged vehicles. Although these types of vehicles are more limited in our industry, it does not matter whether they are new, second hand or heavily damaged.

Question – Could you tell our readers about your Ecosystem and Ecosystem sites and your brands?
Answer – It is the first Recycling Facility established within Telli Group in 2009 to produce solutions for ecosystem damaged, scrap and waste parts and to bring these parts to the economy. With its financial strength and expertise in the sector, it is a reliable, strong brand and solution partner in the damaged vehicle sector. It offers our customers a professional solution partnership with different payment options, central locations, accurate evaluation system, professional workflow and support for buyers and sellers of damaged parts. Ecosystem Recycling is determined to establish and implement the environmental management system it has created in accordance with ISO 14001 requirements, voluntarily and consciously. Our main goal is to maintain our commercial and industrial presence in harmony with the environment. In our company, we will establish, implement and monitor a system that will minimize environmental impacts at every point from the procurement of ELV scrap vehicles to the waste stage that can be evaluated. We will always create and implement studies and projects that will increase our environmental performance. We will try to save material, water, fuel and time as much as possible. It is our permanent goal to continue environmental studies with the latest knowledge and participation of all personnel.

Question – Is automotive still an investment vehicle?
Answer – The increase in foreign currency leads to an increase in cost inputs and therefore zero vehicle prices are increasing day by day. Of course, the increase in Ötv also triggers this increase. Automotive manufacturers are planning to switch to electricity within 2-3 years, and with this, the supply is also decreasing. At the same time, vehicle production is limited and logistics supply networks are slowing down due to the Pandemic. High vehicle prices cause car rental companies to increase their car parks to 5 years instead of selling after the age of 3, preventing vehicle supply to the market. On the other hand, the increase in interest rates creates a price increase in rising vehicles. For these reasons, in 2020; Consumers, whose income remains stable due to rapid price increases, turn to 2nd Hand. The high price increase and high demand made the vehicle buying and selling business attractive. As such, trading on the vehicle means cash. If we look at the numbers, the number of second hand vehicles sold seems to be around 7 million. It is estimated that this situation will continue to take shape in the short term, and second-hand vehicles will continue to be an investment tool.