Test Drive: 2019 KIA SPORTAGE 1.6 Diesel

Writer | Özgür Sunay

Sportage, KIA’s flagship model with 1.6 diesel automatic version, is waiting for those who want to take advantage of KIA authorized sales points. Sportage, which has a 1.6-liter diesel engine producing 136 PS, is among the leading models of its class with its 8-inch multimedia screen, renewed interior and exterior design, advanced hardware features, Apple Car Play and Android Auto support. I finally tested the renewed Kia Sportage with make-up. I say I finally tested it because the Kia Sportage was a model that I was curious about because I had not been able to attend the launch for a long time. Especially new equipment features, driving and most importantly 1.6 liter diesel automatic 136 horsepower new engine How can the Kia Sportage? here is the answer… First of all, when we look at our vehicle from the outside, only the front face appearance has changed without any major changes in the design, and the new headlight and bumper structure, especially the new fog group, make the New Kia Sportage much more handsome. more than the previous generation. The new Kia Sportage looks very energetic and beautiful with its new front lines, as if the previous makeup-free chassis had a heavier stance… When we look at the rear of the vehicle, we see that there is not a very changing change, only the rear stop and headlight group part are formed exactly as in the front part and the unwanted deficiencies have been completed compared to the previous one generation. In this sense, we must say that the renewed Kia Sportage looks very beautiful when we look from the outside. Looking inside the new Kia Sportage, the first thing that catches your eye is the versatile adjustable driver seat leather upholstery. Our test vehicle has the highest level of equipment. In particular, a shiny ceramic-like material is used around the function keys on the door handles and part of the steering compartment. A very comfortable and relaxing view awaits us inside. Especially the new digital touchscreen 8-inch navigation and information display really appeals to the eye in terms of design.

It is very simple to use and well designed. When we look at the gear lever, it has a very good design with aluminum image transitions. While the front instrument panel is similar to the old order, there is a digital driving information display in the middle. A blind spot warning system has been installed in the Kia Sportage’s right and left mirrors. At the top, under a thick black curtain, the glass roof can be opened to the rear. USB and 12V lighter power sockets in the front are designed for rear passengers. The optional switch in the vehicle’s start-stop economy is located in the cockpit area. In particular, the dashboard consisting of two colors continues inside the doors and on the sides. While the upper black part of the front chest section is thick and offers the new quality feeling of the vehicle with the touch of quality leather, it is also assertive when it gives everything that should be in the premium upper segment. Vehicles as SUVs. It is also nice that you can open the rear tailgate fully automatically with the help of a button on the key and close it with the help of the same button. When we look at the test data and the average driving fuel of the vehicle, we see that there is an average fuel consumption of 4.8 liters in our test for 100 km. This is also quite efficient and I think good for an SUV. It’s great that the 1.6-liter diesel engine on it is compatible and quiet with this new Kia Sportage. At the same time, the engine, which is very energetic, gives exactly what is expected from 1.6 liter 136 horsepower with accurate and smooth short gear shifts. Emilio Herrera, Chief Operating Officer for Kia Motors Europe, commented: “The Sportage has been a major contributor to Kia’s growth in recent years, both globally and here in Europe. As the C-SUV segment continues to expand, the Sportage has introduced hundreds of thousands of European motorists to the Kia brand, and it now accounts for one in four Kia cars sold across the region.

“As our flagship SUV in Europe, the Sportage represents the best of Kia’s brand values – great design, innovative technologies, and high quality. The upgraded model remains as compelling as ever, with our first diesel mild-hybrid powertrain, a refreshed design, and a series of new technologies to boost safety, comfort and convenience.” The Sportage is equipped with 305 mm ventilated disc brakes at the front and 302 mm solid disc brakes at the rear. Other available convenience features in the Sportage include a wireless smartphone charger at the base of the centre console, rear-view parking camera with dynamic parking lines, and a Smart Power Tailgate.

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