Test Drive: New Mercedes-Benz GLA 200 7G-DCT


In this article, we will share the details we experienced that we tested with the new Mercedes Benz GLA. We can say that it is the new compact SUV that redefines the standards of its model, it draws attention with its artificial intelligence as well as its above-average interior space in the shoulder, elbow and head class. Our GLA 200 test vehicle Mercedes Benz GLA 200, which stands out with its stylish exterior design with its powerful stance and fine details, reveals at first glance that it has an impressive modern and future-oriented design.Like other SUV models of the high-performance brand, which has a dynamic and stylish design in accordance with the new design language and reinterpreted according to the wishes of the customers, GLA also has a wide-range front radiator grille and horizontal strip. in the middle and a “Star” in the middle. As a brand-specific application, many quality details stand out, including the interior graphic design of the headlights. While the LED-supported headlights offer a wider light distribution, daytime whiteness and daytime-like light color when driving at night, it offers a stronger appearance with its two-piece front grille. It has fine details hidden in the curves of the bonnet, the brand logo on the front even from far away, a new generation headlight design, rectangular fog lights, muscular engine hood and bumper design.

Mercedes Benz GLA is revolutionizing the interior with a completely new sense of space in the compact SUV class, redefining the concepts of luxury and modern with the interior design of the new GLA.It is characterized by its revolutionary interior architecture, innovative dashboard and instrument cluster approach. The front console immediately draws attention with its sleek and futuristic structure. Among the new generation technological features that emphasize the advanced technology it contains with its visuality, the use of the high-resolution information display is quite comfortable and simple. Combining stylish materials and finishes with traditional Mercedes Benz craftsmanship, the interior of the car is delicately and precisely designed with an interior design that does not tire the driver. You can clearly see all the information about the vehicle on the instrument cluster, on the high-resolution color display offered in all versions, and on the dashboard with stylish and striking decorative upholstery.

While the innovative large screen dominating the cockpit is fully exposed, the turbine-looking ventilation grilles support the sporty design. In Mercedes Benz GLA 200, 1332 cc turbo petrol engine is used, the engine with 4 cylinder technology produces 163 HP at 5500 rpm, and also offers us 250 Nm of torque at 1620-4000 rpm in a wide band. While it gives a harmonious and smooth response in calm driving, the engine turns into a very aggressive and enjoyable situation when we expect a little more sportiness. Behind the great success of the engine, the success of the 7G-DCT transmission is indisputable. The gearbox responses are so smooth that the transitions are not felt and keeps the engine speed in a high torque band with every gear swing, and the car always eagerly moves on. The fast and perfectly developed 7-speed automatic transmission of our Mercedes Benz GLA 200 Progressive test car keeps the engine longer in the most effective rev range for instant response and outstanding driver feedback, sometimes you won’t even feel the car moving! With 7 forward gears, the feature of non-sliding back and silent running character gives the engine a special feature. The GLA 200 does not abandon its claim to handling, brakes and feel. As a result, if you want to buy a gasoline automatic premium compact SUV vehicle, the new Mercedes Benz GLA should be at the top of the list or not, you decide, the look is always over the GLA 200.

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