Test Drive: New Nissan Micra 1.0 Engine CVT

The new Micra has become a much more powerful urban and extra-urban vehicle that will appeal to men and women from seven to seventy. Compared to the previous micra, the new Micra automatic transmission has 100 horsepower with an increase of 10 horsepower. Especially when we look from the front, side and rear, the strong and muscular protruding lines of the vehicle draw attention. However, it is worth noting that our vehicle is longer and wider than the old quantity. It is possible to understand this from both inside and outside.

The new Nissan Micra, which has a 360 degree camera system outside, is launched with 16-inch alloy wheels. The forward-curved headlights of the vehicle made the front of the vehicle look much more athletic. It also draws attention with the pedestrian and collision detection radar system in the NISSAN logo.

When we look back from the side mirrors where the foldable signals are deployed, the New Nissan Micra has a coupe feel. When we look at the car from the inside, it is worth saying that there is no trace left as a user from the old Micra. Especially the new ergonomic seats are very successful, at the same time, the dashboard and steering wheel are identical to all the QASHQAI features you know. Especially the steering wheel is great ; I think good handling and driving comfort.

Sporty in the foreground. Again, the quality of the inner material is the same as QASHQAI, MICRA has become a smart tool by offering all functional features as well as the quality and image of the material reflecting the very high quality feeling. It managed to excite us and we did not expect such a change. I think there is enough knee and headroom in the rear for small cars of this style. It would be against their genes and classes to expect more from this vehicle anyway. At the same time, the new Micra has introduced the dual color feature to the consumers. Our test vehicle had this feature because the new Micra gasoline 1.0 liter and automatic transmission option were offered for sale with 100 horsepower. In the meantime, it is worth noting that our vehicle has 3 cylinders and is very economical.

While the previous Micra burned 6.4 liters per 100 km, the new Micra mixed use consumed 5.4 liters per 100 km. In addition, the long distance is an average of 4.0 – 4.6 liters per 100 km outside the city.In this respect, I do not think we should say how much an economic tool it is. I tested the vehicle on dirt mountain roads, from rough terrain to bumpy asphalt. I think I was lucky, especially since the previous generation Micra was not. Because I think that even moving on mountain roads with this vehicle was enjoyable. It has a drive and motor that can accelerate very fast. Automatic CVT chance at 2000 rpm produces 144 nm of torque. Manual shifting produces 160 nm torque at 2750 rpm. Does this tool need torque? Is it because of torque that it can move so fast and easily? I don’t know that part. However, thanks to this harmony with the chassis and engine, our vehicle really slips like oil on the road.

I liked the QASHQAI brake assist system and its ability to stay active for a short time during sudden braking on the NISSAN platform was also found on the NEW Micra and by chance I tested it and this is another important factor that made me. I am grateful. The BOSE sound system is another quality element added to the vehicle’s features. I think that was good because the Japanese and Renault joint engineers built the vehicle, because the driver was less affected by the voices of the rear passengers and did not pay attention to the conversations behind. New Nissan Micra, of course, developed by the Renault-Nissan alliance, similar to models such as the Nissan Leaf electric infrastructure and developing, but also offered France’s production is also used engines with sales in Turkey. Renault and Nissan on partnership platform.

The Nissan Micra, which I tested on snow and ice, especially between Ankara and Istanbul, surprised me. Because I did not expect such a performance. The engine did not tire at all. Micra’s rear trunk capacity is up to 300 liters. Also in the starter package; There are also advantages such as 7 inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, smart lane tracking warning system, smart driving control, brake assist system, smart collision warning system, cruise control. In the Tekna package, in addition to the features of the Visia package, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels, rain sensor front wipers; The interior features darkened rear windows and a leather steering wheel.

Writer | Photo: Özgür SUNAY

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