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The Electric Alternative to an IC Forklift…


Jan 3, 2020

The new EPXi series CLARK electric forklift is a quiet non-polluting operation alternative to internal combustion engine trucks. The robust electric counterbalanced EPXi is suitable for most applications with handling capacities from 2.0 to 3.2 tonnes. A solid ‘Built to Last’ construction with a well designed driver compartment makes the CLARK EPXi series the truck you need to operate in a smart and safe manner over long periods.

Wet, uneven floors and restricted working environments is not a problem for the EPXi.

The EPXi features:

Excellent acceleration and performance with a 15kw drive motor rating and 48volt battery

 Regenerative electronic braking for optimum efficiency
Low maintenance AC motors

 Independent AC powered hydraulic pump to save energy and reduce thermal load on hydraulics

– Adjustable steering column and seat for maximum legroom
 Clear LCD colour display

 Ergonomic drive compartment with convenient storage compartment

 Hydrostatic steer system for manoeuvrability in narrow aisles.
 Hydraulic cushion valve for smooth lifting

Clearview upright for visibility

‘Built to Last’ construction