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Jensen FF Press Car 119/117 | Then & Now

Jensen FF, chassis 119/117, was acquired for the Museum collection in 2007. This famous Jensen FF press car had languished in a garage since the 1970s, and had never been restored.

As such it is one of the most original Jensen FF cars surviving today. Now fifty years old, the Museum has assembled a photographic Then & Now of Jensen FF 119/117.

Jensen FF Press Car 119/117 | Then & Now | Car Details

Chassis number: 119/117

Engine number: 1529/19E

Registration number original: UEA 999G

Registration changes: From UEA 999G to private registration not known. Then WYF 258G, then to AAB 9, and then back to UEA 999G

Registration number now: UEA 999G

The 119/117 chassis was scheduled as a factory demonstrator / press car. The car’s specification was agreed on Stratosphere blue paint with red leather trim. The car would have sundym glass, and a Voxson ‘8’ track /radio as options.

119/117 was first registered on 21st April 1969 as a demonstrator / press car for Jensen Motors Ltd. The car was assigned the West Bromwich registration ‘UEA 999G’.

Jensen FF Press Car 119/117 | Then & Now | Dvoretsky Loan

Harold Dvoretsky, the European Editor for Modern Motor magazine, was one of the first to have loan of 119/117 in July 1969. Various images were taken during loan by Dvoretsky, and the Museum has had photographs taken from similar angles to provide a tantalising Then & Now fifty years on.

Jensen FF Press Car 119/117 | Then & Now | Edwards & Healey Loan

By June 1969 119/117 appeared on the back cover of the magazine Horseworld, how Good Relations arranged this isn’t known, suffice to say the publicity for the FF appeared on the magazine free of charge. To date, the Museum hasn’t found a copy of this magazine.

Additionally, Donald Healey, had asked Jensen Motors about a loan of a Jensen FF. Motoring journalist, Courtenay Edwards, was keen to drive a Jensen FF over in France, and write an article for the Sunday Telegraph motoring section.

Edwards had asked Healey if he could arrange such a loan, and if Healey would join him. The loan took place in June 1969.

Jensen FF Press Car 119/117 | Then & Now | Maxey Ownership

Having completed its duty as a demonstrator, 119/117 was sold to the Jensen distributors, Freckleton Services.  They in turn sold the car to Keith E.G.Maxey in 1970. He owned DAC Air Services Ltd, based at London Airport (later re-named Heathrow Airport). Maxey kept 119/117 until 1972.

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