Vauxhall’s headquarters at Chalton House

Vauxhall’s headquarters at Chalton House

Employees and visitors to Vauxhall’s headquarters at Chalton House in Luton will now be greeted by the new Griffin logo, which has been installed on the building and around the site.

Already found on the bonnets and rear ends of the all-new Mokka and Crossland, the new logo – created by British Vauxhall-Opel Design Vice President, Mark Adams – can now be found in front of the Chalton House building and across the site, as well as inside meeting rooms.

The new logo was unveiled late last year as part of a wider Vauxhall design evolution, and now features a bold 2-D take on the iconic Griffin. The redesign reinforces Vauxhall’s position as a confidently British brand that is constantly evolving and innovating.

Alongside the new logo, Vauxhall also unveiled the new Vizor front end that features a single panel integrating the front grille, headlights and the new Griffin emblem. The new Vizor front end can already be found on the all-new Mokka and Crossland, and on all forthcoming new Vauxhall models.

Chalton House became Vauxhall’s new headquarters in May 2019 after nearly 30 years spent at the company’s previous Griffin House. The new modern offices combine Vauxhall’s Sales, Marketing, Communications, and Finance operations.

Roll out of the new logo across the rest of the Vauxhall network is already underway, with retail sites and other corporate venues to carry the new logo.