Vehicles for ambulance and patient-transport

The Falck Group based in the Danish capital Copenhagen is an international provider of rescue services that employees a workforce of over 30,000 in 35 countries. Falck’s portfolio includes emergency rescue, firefighting, patient and intensive-care transport services, ambulance operations, and mobility services. Falck has signed a comprehensive master agreement with MAN Truck & Bus that covers its ambulance and patient-transport applications.

The vehicles called up under the framework agreement may total around 2,500 MAN TGE by 2026. The modern, reliable vans can be ordered by five of Falck’s national organisations in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Spain, and the United Kingdom. MAN will supply the base vehicles, while the equipment and body of each one will be built and fitted by renowned body manufacturers to Falck’s specifications. The first van orders from the master agreement have already been placed.

Thomas Herzog, Head of International Key Account Van at MAN Truck & Bus, had the following to say when asked about the reasons for this success: “Thanks to our high body-integration competence, which MAN has incidentally been putting to good use in the truck business for decades, we can guarantee seamless processing and the highest possible quality for the complete vehicle. Only by cooperating with body manufacturers can we safeguard our customers’ success and simplify their day-to-day operations. That is our primary objective here at MAN.”

For long-standing, Munich-based commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus, this is the largest single order in the history of its van segment. Falck and MAN are already well acquainted. With the TGE, MAN has had a van in the segment between 3.0 and 5.5 t zGM in its range since 2016.

Back in 2019, Falck’s Danish arm ordered 132 MAN TGL light trucks from MAN Lastbiler Danmark, MAN’s national organisation for that country. 19 TGE vans were also among the units ordered then. In the United Kingdom, too, Falck Ambulance UK puts its faith in the MAN TGE for patient-transport services. A total of 92 TGE vans were delivered there in the past two years.

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