Volkswagen ID.5 E SUV-coupé gains two well-equipped Style trims, offering value and variety to model range

The Volkswagen ID.5 has been bestowed with an additional trim level, available across all three of its powertrain variants. The ID.5 Style serves as the new entry-level derivative for the Pro, Pro Performance and GTX, starting at £49,735 for the 174 PS ID.5 Style Pro, and offers a comprehensive equipment list alongside a boost in value for the elegantly-styled, all-electric SUV-coupé.

The ID.5 Style expands the model’s trim line-up to five, and sits beneath the ID.5 Tech and ID.5 Max, while the ID.5 GTX Style slots in before the ID.5 GTX Max, as the entry-level model fitted with the GTX powertrain.

The Style follows the rest of the ID.5 range in offering a compelling equipment package, and as the entry-level model, leaves only a few items to be optionally specified. These include the energy efficient heat pump (£1,050); 3-pin mains charging cable (£190); Trailer Hitch (£890); and, over the other ID.5 models, the Infotainment Package Plus (£1,350), which adds the acclaimed augmented reality head-up display, as well as a Dynaudio digital sound package and subwoofer. A number of alternative alloy wheel designs and a vibrant array of paint colours can also be specified optionally, over the model’s standard Moonstone Grey paint and attractive 19-inch ‘Hamar’ wheels.

It is not just the ID.5’s equipment list, battery and motor that set it apart, either – the innate qualities of Volkswagen’s ID. family provide benefits beyond luxury and technology. These include the dedicated MEB electric vehicle platform that enables a compact footprint for the eye-catching ID.5 relative to its expansive interior space; the capability to receive software updates, ensuring the user benefits from the latest improvements; a network of customer-focused retailers with product experts on hand for any query; and dependability assured by the Volkswagen roundels front and rear.

Another positive aspect of choosing an ID. model is that UK market cars are manufactured net carbon-neutral in Zwickau, Germany – a factory powered by renewable energy. Volkswagen has worked closely with suppliers, in particular battery-cell manufacturers, to ensure that they too use renewable energy. Unavoidable emissions are compensated through internationally recognised climate protection projects. As a result, the ID.5 E SUV-coupé is delivered to customers as a net carbon-neutral product according to the independent auditing body TÜV NORD, which examines the entire supply chain, manufacturing process and all logistics.

Like other ID.5 models, the ID.5 Style is delivered with only the largest battery pack from the Volkswagen line-up – a 77 kWh (net) unit, providing a range of up to 313 miles. With a maximum recharging capacity of 135 kW, the whole ID.5 range has a charge time of as little as 29 minutes to 80% at a rapid charger, or at a rate of six minutes to recharge 62 miles. The new model is available with three power options – 174 PS Pro, 204 PS Pro Performance, and 299 PS GTX.

Francesca McGuinn, ID. Family Product Marketing Manager at Volkswagen UK, said: “The ID.5 is packed with every convenience, innovation and luxury that a customer might need, with only selected items on the optional extras list. That’s why it’s so exciting that the ID.5 Style has arrived, bringing with it a lower entry price for the model, but the same blend of sustainability, quality and head-turning style that mark out ID. models from their competitors.”

Model Price (RRP OTR) 0-62 mph Top speed Range ( WLTP combined)
ID.5 Style Pro

(77 kWh, 174 PS)

£49,735.00 10.4 sec 99 mph 316 miles
ID.5 Tech Pro
(77 kWh, 174 PS)
£53,165.00 10.4 sec 99 mph 313 miles
ID.5 Max Pro
(77 kWh, 174 PS)
£56,785.00 10.4 sec 99 mph 313 miles
ID.5 Style Pro Performance
(77 kWh, 204 PS)
£51,210.00 8.4 sec 99 mph 316 miles
ID.5 Tech Pro Performance
(77 kWh, 204 PS)
£54,640.00 8.4 sec 99 mph 313 miles
ID.5 Max Pro Performance
(77 kWh, 204 PS)
£58,260.00 8.4 sec 99 mph 313 miles
ID.5 GTX Style
(77 kWh, 299 PS, all-wheel drive)
£55,570.00 6.3 sec 112 mph 300 miles
ID.5 GTX Max
(77 kWh, 299 PS, all-wheel drive)
£61,650.00 6.3 sec 112 mph 296 miles
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