Waterskiing champion overcomes speed…

Nikolas Plytas poses for a portrait during the H20 project in Pertouli, Greece on February 24, 2021. // Alex Grymanis / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202103010116 // Usage for editorial use only //

Greek waterskier Nikolas Plytas has made a name for himself with a series of challenging stunts such as conquering the famous shipwreck at Elefsina and his latest project saw him take to his board on snow as well as his beloved water. Here is all you need to know:

The 25-year-old from Athens started out in 2006 with a bullish ambition to not only break his own personal records, but also smash longstanding records laid down by other athletes on the water.

Aged 19, he conquered the famous shipwreck at Elefsina where he performed tricks over the rusty hull while he waterskis as much as possible at his ‘sporting homes’ – Lake Caiaphas in Zacharo and Aliartos Lake – where his coach George Hatzis has a waterski school.For his latest project, Plytas switched up from his usual habitat on the water to his hobby surface of snow to take the breath away with his insane skills in two of the most beautiful places in Greece.

Plytas performed a unique trick show while being pulled by a jet ski along the icy waters of Lake Plastira and moved to Pertouliotika Livadia where – with the help of a portable electric winch – he snowboarded from the snowy areas into the streams, along bridges and over natural obstacles.

He revealed: “I always wanted to combine watersports and snowboarding and – when I saw these two places – this idea came to me immediately! The issue of speed was a major obstacle. In water the winch goes slower than it goes in the snow, so I had to find a speed to do for both terrains. It took me a while to find the ideal speeds. This was an unprecedented experience, until the next one.”

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