Writer: VISION NEXT 100…

Writer: Rumeysa Torun - Preparatory School of Uskudar University

BMW is the best car brand in the world according to many people. What makes people think about it is that it always takes a step forward and gives confidence, like ‘Vision Next100’. This design is a proof that they can shape the future.

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke. This name is based on the company’s origin in the German state of Bavaria. Today’s BMW AG comes from Rapp-Motorenwerke GmbH, which started producing aircraft engines in 1913 therefore, the blue part of the segmented emblem represents the sky and the white part represents the aircraft propeller. However, the end of the First World War stopped the construction of aircraft engines, as the Treaty of Versailles banned the construction of aircraft in Germany. So BMW shifted its focus to railway brakes and built-in engines. To stay in business, the company started producing small industrial engines (such as farm equipment, household goods, and railway brakes). This was so successful that the Berlin-based brake company Knorr-Bremse AG took over the majority of BMW in 1920, it integrated the company and settled in Munich. Founded in 1916
and producing aircraft engines, Bayerische Flugzeug Werke was AG’s successor therefore the
foundation year of BMW is considered 1916. After BMW was established, it also produced
motorcycles and proved its success in this field. It produced its first motorcycle, the BMW R32, in 1923. Another feature of this model is that it is the first twin engine with air cooled boxer type.

Another feature of BMW that is worth mentioning is its design. In addition to the compatibility
of the interior and exterior design with each other, the compatibility of the engine power with the design is also very important. Color is the most important thing for the design because according to some analysis, the choice of colors in the car reflects personality. “A BMW should always say at first glance what you can live with it.” says the external designer Anders Thogersen. He seems to support analysis.

The design of each new model remains hidden until the beginning of mass production. Designs go through several stages of competitions and mass production of the successful design begins. Designers draw their inspiration from a wide variety of sources from fashion and architecture, all over the world.

They should also comply with the defined character of the future vehicle and technical
conditions such as wheelbase, trunk volume or safety requirements. “As designers, we work hard on computers, but our most important tools are still our hands and eyes.” says Anders Thogersen again.

One of the reasons why it is preferred more than other brands is that it produces its vehicle
parts, especially its engines, besides its design. Along with Audi and Mercedes, BMW is considered one of the German car brands called as ‘Big 3’. Audi is connected to VW and Mitsubishi, while Mercedes is connected to Chrysler. On the other hand, BMW is not to connected to any other company. Hence customers prefer BMW instead other brands in order to get the highest qualified models despite of the fact that they know BMW has high costs. Furthermore, the brand can be associated with superior craftsmanship, which cannot even be criticized by other leading car manufacturers.

This brand, which reflects your personality with its designs and captures the originality by
producing its own parts, has shown how to shape the future by creating Vision Next100. In this unique styling, the driver will be constantly communicating with the vehicle in an intuitive and natural way. The digital intelligence of the BMW Vision Next 100 provides the connection between the user and the environment. In the fully automated Ease Mode, AI takes on all the driving tasks and the only thing that is left to you is enjoying effortless driving. All these features make BMW “The ultimate driving machine”.